This year’s theme is “L’Afrique francophone”.  In their performances and presentations at Convention, students are invited* to explore the wide and varied aspects of France’s nearly 400 year relationship with the African continent.  With over 100 million people across 26 countries, Africa has the most French speakers of any continent in the world.  The language, often influenced by local languages such as Wolof in Senegal and and Lingala in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, varies as much as the rich culture of each country.  Students might discover the foods of Morocco, the music scene of Dakar, the mask-making traditions of the Ivory Coast, or the fables of Madagascar.  We all look forward to learning more about the history, literature, traditions, art, and music et plus of French-speaking Africa!

We are fortunate to have Mr. Winston Strickland of Mad Skillz Dance Company join us again this year.  A big hit with the students last year, he will spend a couple hours teaching and DJ-ing African, hip-hop, and jazz music and dance for us after lunch!


*Note: Only the t-shirt, video, and visual arts competitions are REQUIRED to be theme-related.