Who We Are

The Alabama Federation of French Clubs (AFFC) is an association of member school French Clubs which exists to promote the study and enjoyment of the French language and to cultivate unity among French students of Alabama.  The AFFC does not belong to, nor is supported by, any parent organization; it is simply a group of teachers trying to provide an interesting and engaging venue for their students to cultivate their love for the French language and culture.

For over 60 years, the annual French Convention has afforded French Clubs the opportunity to gather in one location each year, share their creations, and be inspired by seeing hundreds of students who also study French.  The diverse (and entertaining!) nature of the group skits and individual presentations has been a distinguishing feature of the French Convention.  That said, there is truly something for everyone: choral, written competitions, sight reading, artwork, and the ever-popular team scholar’s bowl — and all done in a spirit of healthy competition.